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RAGE SEKeyword 1.0

Find top searched keywords

A newly released application by RAGE, SEKeyword allows you to get the best keywords for your website. View full description


  • Suggest keywords
  • Find keywords according to url
  • Export data


  • Only uses Yahoo! search technology
  • Program does not launch properly

Not bad

A newly released application by RAGE, SEKeyword allows you to get the best keywords for your website.

Thanks to Yahoo! search technology, the application can help you out in finding all the best keywords that match any url you throw at it. You can save them by url, giving you quick access to your different selections and different domains. SEKeyword also allows you to find out what keywords your competitors are using. Just type in their url and the program will let you know what their most successful keywords are.

The data you collect can be exported to text file or sent to RAGE SERank, one of the developer's other programs, which allows you to see where your web site ranks in 40 different search engines. SEKeyword is a great tool if you plan on running a Google AdWords campaign. Even though it uses Yahoo technology, the keywords it will come up with will surely help you out in your quest to rank high up on the different search engines.

The real trouble we had with SEKeyword is that it repeatedly crashed at startup. Let us hope this gets resolved in future versions.

Could be useful to find the best keywords, yet SEKeyword is still too unstable.

Placing at the top of search engines provides no value unless the keywords you rank high for are being searched by your customers. RAGE SEKeyword helps you brainstorm and discover the top searched keywords that are related to your web site.

Using technology provided by Yahoo Search, RAGE SEKeyword will download and examine your web site content suggesting your most relevant keywords and keyword phrases. Then it provides an entire list of related and specific keyword phrases that you can use to discover profitable niches.


  • Suggest the most relevant keywords on your web site based on technology provided by Yahoo Search.
  • Offer the most popular related keyword phrases that are being searched by your customers.
  • Learn which keywords your competitors have optimized for.
  • Keep your keywords organized by each web site.
  • Easily prepare your keywords for Google Adwords or other pay-per-click advertising medium.
  • Integrates easily with RAGE SERank to quickly see where your web sites rank for your keyword phrases.
  • Export your keywords to a text file so they can be used and processed by any other application.

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RAGE SEKeyword


RAGE SEKeyword 1.0